Hotel Guest Room

Offering a fresh perspective on the hotel amenity industry to hotel amenity wholesalers is our mission,
and is also what sets us apart from the rest of the current hotel amenity industry.

Factory information

What's Antu Guest Amenity Company?

ANTU was established in 2015, one-stop solution for hotel guest amenity business market, with an auxiliary sales concept.

Starting from the beginning, we have used our own production workshops, starting with our accessory packaging workshop, then our slipper production workshop, and finally our soap production workshop. In the future, the plans are to set up our own GMP cosmetic shop. Currently, our total workshop area is about 2,000 square meters.

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Our Service

We go above and beyond, giving customers a multitude of added value,
by helping them to avoid unnecessary costs, giving them innovative product ideas,
and offering them complete, professional advice.

Medical Personal Protective Equipment Supplies

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