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Hotel Bathroom Plastic Tubes for Cosmetic Items

Plastic tubes are the perfect option for price-friendly cosmetic containers that effectively display products.

  • We can provide you with a wide variety of tubes that range in volume capacity and cap styles (screw caps or flip-top caps)
  • Beautiful branding labels
  • The environmentally-friendly ECOPURE material can be added.

Dazzling printing forms

All production processes, from raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products, are carried out in a strict GMP certification workshop.

  • We have the standard components suitable for different class hotel /SPA/, and we can also customize the ingredients according to your request to help you build your own brand and public praise.
  • Has a variety of fragrance, suitable for all customers' needs.
  • Can add all kinds of essential oil according to your request.
  • Meticulous operation, to ensure that every process, strictly enforce the industry's high standard requirements, so that you can rest assured, more comfortable!

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