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If plastic tubes don’t cut it, go for the higher-end option.

Hotel Bathroom Plastic Bottles for Cosmetic Items

  • Conventional, customizable bottles and caps are available.
  • Variety of materials, including PVC, PE and PET.
  • Standard volume capacities (30ml, 35ml, can also hold larger volumes such as 1 to 5 L).
  • Different open options, including screw caps, flip-top caps, press caps and more.
  • Various labelling options, such as screen printing, UV printing,etc.

Hotel Bathroom Cosmetic Bathroom Supply

All production processes, from raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products, are carried out in a strict GMP certification workshop.

  • We have various, standard components seen often in most hotel and spas, but can also customize ingredients based on your needs and help you become known for your brand’s unique formula.
  • A variety of fragrances, suitable for all customer tastes.
  • Essential oils can be added in on request.
  • We operate on a meticulous level, ensuring that every process strictly complies with the industry’s highest standard requirements. You can put your trust in our team.
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